Why You Can Trust US Medical Supplies

High-Quality Products For Value-Pricing. Unmatched Technical Support.

We pride ourselves at US Medical Supplies as highly trusted and reliable by a growing number of changed lives when it comes to medical supplies and devices. As a reputable source of such products, we care enough to see customers’ lifestyles become transformed from choosing the solution they need, receiving it in top-notch condition, to having a sense of normalcy as a result of successfully coming out of an injury or therapy using any item in our diverse line of medical supplies and devices.

One-Stop Shop

As an easy one-stop shop for a variety of braces for the back, knee, shoulder, wrist, elbow and ankle, CPAP Supplies, Shoulder Pillow and Cervical Orthosis, we are a leading supplier in the orthotics industry.

We have an assembly of experts who can provide qualified and authoritative assistance for all issues related to our products -- usages, effects and precautions.

Efficient shipping is also part of the backbone of our operations. Our shipping partners make this possible for customers to receive ordered items in the best condition and time.

Guarantee and Commitment

Our product guarantees and competitive pricing make us relevant in anybody’s medical recovery. We believe that a transformed life starts with an effective medical supply or device that matches one’s injury or condition. This seals our commitment in providing an up-to-date and comprehensive range of products that responds to your needs.

Customer Reviews

"The Premium Elbow Brace I bought from US Medical Supplies was effective for my lateral epicondylitis which I suffered from after a tree-cutting accident. The Product Specialist I talked to about the item convinced me that it was the medical device that I needed and he was quite helpful in pointing out its benefits."

- Gerard Alphons (Springfield, Illinois)

"I wasn’t sure at the time I ordered the Airfit P10 if it was the nasal pillow mask that fit my condition, but a representative from US Medical Supplies made a few sensible points in helping me understand how it works compared to other similar devices. I’m just thankful now that I have premium comfort. I regularly use it for my therapy."

- Elizabeth Demont (Albany, New York)