Premium Elbow Brace

A great way to reduce the effect of tennis elbow as the brace provides support to the area.

About the Product

Premium Elbow Brace is precisely designed to treat any injuries in which a limited range of elbow motion is needed or desired. It is ideal for reducing the effect of Tennis Elbow, as it is an effective alternative to repetitive splinting and casting. It is equipped with moisture-wicking liner that helps to keep the user dry and cool. The fully-adjustable design and strapping systems make it’s highly comfortable to use. It is easy to apply and lessens shock to alleviate tendonitis. In order to ensure high standards of quality, it is manufactured by using neoprene, loop closure, polyester and hook.

Product Overview

Indictions Highlight
Cubital tunnel syndrome Lightweight design
Dislocation of elbow Telescoping frame fits most arm lengths
Rupture of tendon in elbow Great alternative to casting or splinting

Part No. Size
CK-700-L Universal Left (One size fits all)
CK-700-R Universal Right (One size fits all)