ABD Shoulder Pillow II

ABD Shoulder Pillow II is designed for the repair of rotator cuff, soft tissue and strains, shoulder instabilities or injuries, and genohumeral dislocation and subluxations.

About the Product

It is designed with high-density foam pillow and covered with tricot material. It helps in effective stimulation of the blood without the movement of the shoulder and arm due to the attached stress ball in the device. Proper positioning of the shoulder is assured due to its lively pillow design. Due to its unique and universal design, it can fit either left or right shoulder. In order to ensure easy applications and positioning, the pillow used in this device is constructed of high-density foam with Velcro strapping system.

Product Overview

Indictions Highlight
Rotator cuff repairs Ambidextrous design fits left or right arm
Bankart repairs High density foam pillow
Genohumeral dislocations Stress ball to promote circulation

Part No. Size
21-202-2 Small (9"-12" from wrist to elbow)
21-202-3 Medium (12"-15" from wrist to elbow)
21-202-4 Large (15"-18" from wrist to elbow)
21-202-5 X-Large (18"-21" from wrist to elbow)

Part No. Size
CL-301-P Posterior support panel
CL-301-E-L Calf cuff extender (Left)
CL-301-E-R Calf cuff extender (Right)