Endeavor Quick-Lace Wrist And Thumb Splint

Get support for thumbs and wrists with advanced wrist and thumb splints.

About the Product

The splint is perfect for immobilizing the thumbs during the healing process; it is designed in accordance with industry laid norms and regulations. It is used for the treatment of De Quervain’s, carpometacarpal instabilities and gamekeeper’s thumb, The splint is available with us for both left and right hands. We have splints that fit various writ and thumb sizes. The quality of these products is never compromised at our end as we follow strict total quality management practices.

Product Overview

Indictions Highlight
De Quervain’s Syndrome Adjustable thumb stay
Gamekeeper’s Thumb Quick-lace closure for easy application
Carpometacarpal instabilities Malleable palmar stay

Part No. Size
31-300 Universal Left (One size fits all)
31-300 Universal Right (One size fits all)

Part No. Size
CL-301-P Posterior support panel
CL-301-E-L Calf cuff extender (Left)
CL-301-E-R Calf cuff extender (Right)