Comfortmax Shoulder / Arm Abduction System

Offers quick relief from rotator cuff injuries/pain, frozen shoulder, shoulder tendonitis and radial neuropathy.

About the Product

These lightweight, universally sized braces are an excellent alternative to traditional shoulder abductors that offer relief from radial neuropathy, rotator cuff pain/injuries and shoulder tendonitis. The strapping system of this arm abduction system allows it to be worn on the right or left arm, with minimal adjustment. A removable wedge of this device allows shoulder positioning from 0-90 degrees. In order to eliminate the requirement to keep several sizes on the hand, this arm abduction system features telescoping arms. Best quality material is used for designing these products as per industry laid norms and regulations.

Product Overview

Indictions Highlight
Frozen Shoulder Ambidextrous design fits left or right arm
Arthritis of the shoulder Telescoping frame fits most arm lengths
Median, ulnar, and radial neuropathy Abducts at 15, 30, 60, and 90 degrees

Part No. Size
CK-800 One size fits all