Knee Braces

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About the Product

The OA LP is a lightweight, low-profile alternative to traditional osteoarthritis braces, combining optimum support and patient comfort, making it ideal for the active wearer. Made from durable neoprene with a reinforced mesh backing, this low-profile OA ensures a snug fit while remaining breathable and preventing skin irritation. The malleable hinge uprights allow for a custom load adjustment, while the hinge itself creates both flexion and extension control.

Product Overview

Indictions Highlight
Osteoarthritis Pull-up design for easy application
Rheumatoid arthritis Mesh backing for optimum ventilation
Meniscal cartilage derangement 3 Point leverage system

Part No. Size
ER-300-2-L Small Left (15.5"-18.5" thigh)
ER-300-2-R Small Right (15.5"-18.5" thigh)
ER-300-3-L Medium Left (18.5"-21" thigh)
ER-300-3-R Medium Right (18.5"-21" thigh)
ER-300-4-L X-Large Left (23.5"-26.5" thigh)
ER-300-5-R X-Large Right (23.5"-26.5" thigh)
ER-300-6-L XX-Large Left (26.5"-29" thigh)
ER-300-5-R XX-Large Right (26.5"-29" thigh)